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Coastal Banded Greenhood

Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid 1

We noticed this orchid growing in the bushland of Kings Park yesterday. It looks very similar to the Banded Greenhood Orchid that we featured earlier this month – except that the flowers have a brown/maroon colour instead of being mainly green.

It is a Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid (Pterostylis sanguinea), which grows along the West Australian coast from about Geraldton to Albany. These orchids reportedly flower from June-Sept, though we have only seen them in the winter. They are not as common as the Banded Greenhood.

Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid 2


Banded Greenhood Orchid

Greenhood Orchid 1

We saw our first orchids for this year, growing beside the bushland walking trails in Kings Park.

Greenhood Orchid 2

They are Banded Greenhood Orchids (Pterostylis vittata), which have a reported flowering season of May-Sept, though we have only ever seen them in Jun-July. They grow in undergrowth beneath the trees and are easily overlooked, since they are mainly green.

Greenhood Orchid 3

Cowslip Orchid

Cowslip Orchid 5

We went to see the exhibition “The Fabric of Wildflowers” at Council House in Perth a few days back. It features many familiar West Australian wildflowers made out of fabric by Thelma Knox during the second half of the 20th century.

The flowers above are Cowslip Orchids (Caldenia flava). You can see the real thing below, photographed in Kings Park earlier this year. They reportedly flower from July to December, but we have only ever seen them in late winter and early spring.

Cowslip Orchid 6