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Grevillea crithmifolia

Grevillea crithmifolia 1

We also noticed that Grevillea crithmifolia is flowering here in Perth at present. We saw this one during a visit to Lake Claremont during the past week, but you will also find it growing in both Kings Park and Bold Park.

Grevillea crithmifolia 2


Two-leaf Hakea

Two leaf Hakea 1

Spring is still four weeks away, but there are already plenty of wildflowers in bloom here in Perth. Walking around Lake Claremont earlier this week, we noticed that Two-leaf Hakea (Hakea trifurcata) is nicely in flower.

Two leaf Hakea 2

You can easily see where this plant gets its common name – there are clearly two types of leaves – thin spiky ones and flattish ones that look like pea pods. Two-leaf Hakea can also be found in Kings Park and Bold Park.

Two leaf Hakea 3

Coastal Wattle

Coastal Wattle 1

We have noticed this wattle growing in many parts of Perth recently, including Bold Park and Lake Claremont. It is called Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops) and grows along the West Australian coast from about Geraldton to the South Australian border.

Coastal Wattle 2

The flowers aren’t particularly spectacular by wildflower standards, but the seeds with their brilliant red surrounding ring are quite amazing. They are definitely a “red eye special”.

Coastal Wattle 3


Stinkwood 3

We noticed this Stinkwood (Jacksonia sternbergiana) flowering in the bushland beside Lake Claremont in Perth’s western suburbs recently. Its flowering season is reported to be Jan-Dec, so you might see it in flower at any time of the year.

This erect or weeping shrub grows from Northampton to Katanning, and is fairly common in Kings Park, Perth. As you would guess, the common name comes from the fact that the wood has a distinctive smell.

Stinkwood 4

Coastal Groundsel

Coastal Groundsel 1

There is plenty of this Coastal Groundsel (Senecio maritimus) flowering at Lake Claremont at present, and also on Buckland Hill.

Coastal Groundsel 2

It looks very similar to Variable Groundsel, but is reportedly recognisable by its “undivided, coarsely lobed or dentate leaves” (not “narrow” as for Variable Groundsel).

Coastal Groundsel 3

Many of the flower heads are already going to seed, although the flowering season is supposed to be July to December.

Coastal Groundsel 4