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Two-leaf Hakea

Two leaf Hakea 1

Spring is still four weeks away, but there are already plenty of wildflowers in bloom here in Perth. Walking around Lake Claremont earlier this week, we noticed that Two-leaf Hakea (Hakea trifurcata) is nicely in flower.

Two leaf Hakea 2

You can easily see where this plant gets its common name – there are clearly two types of leaves – thin spiky ones and flattish ones that look like pea pods. Two-leaf Hakea can also be found in Kings Park and Bold Park.

Two leaf Hakea 3


Harsh Hakea

Harsh Hakea 1

We have noticed Harsh Hakea (Hakea prostrate) flowering in many parts of Perth recently, including Lake Claremont, Minim Cove, Bold Park and Buckland Hill. The shrub has spiky leaves and generally has a rather untidy, sprawling form. The plant itself isn’t much to look at, but the flowers are quite spectacular.

Harsh Hakea 2

Harsh Hakea

Harsh Hakea 4

Some of the Harsh Hakea (Hakea prostrata) growing on Perth’s Buckland Hill is also in full bloom at present. We mentioned this plant last month, but it is even more striking now.

Harsh Hakea 5

Oddly, it is only the erect form shown here, not the more sprawling prostrate form, that seems to be in flower. The official flowering season for Harsh Hakea is July to October.

Harsh Hakea 6

Two-leaf Hakea

Two-leaf Hakea 1

We noticed this Two-leaf Hakea (Hakea trifurcata) bush in full bloom on Buckland Hill in Mosman Park, Perth on the weekend. It had a very strong perfume and was buzzing with bees.

Two-leaf Hakea 2

And in case you are wondering about the odd name of this hakea, the photo below shows where the “two-leaf” description comes from. It was taken in March and shows that during the autumn, the plant has two distinctly different types of leaves – the spiky ones that stay all year round, and those flat leaves that are only just starting to form at present.

Two-leaf Hakea 3

Harsh Hakea

Harsh Hakea 1

We have noticed Harsh Hakea frequently in our recent travels around Perth. It isn’t a very striking plant, since it often sprawls untidily across the ground, though is sometimes erect as shown above. It has very spiky leaves, but surprisingly pretty flowers, which are just coming into bloom at present.

Harsh Hakea 2

The fruit is also rather spiky looking.

Harsh Hakea 3

The fruit eventually dries out into hard seed pods. These photos were all taken on Buckland Hill in the past few days.

Harsh Hakes 4