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Grevillea crithmifolia

Grevillea crithmifolia 1

We also noticed that Grevillea crithmifolia is flowering here in Perth at present. We saw this one during a visit to Lake Claremont during the past week, but you will also find it growing in both Kings Park and Bold Park.

Grevillea crithmifolia 2


Grevillea vestita

Grevillea vestita 5

In the previous blog entry, we mentioned that Grevillea vestita in Kings Park was in bud and should be flowering soon. Yesterday we went back for another look and found that the flowers are now fully open – in places, anyway. These ones are beside the walking path from the Pines carpark to the Bushland Nature Trail. The plant isn’t even in bud in other parts of Kings Park, or Bold Park either.

Grevillea vestita 6

Grevillea vestita

Grevillea vestita 3

While we were in Kings Park recently, we noticed that the Grevillea vestita is in bud at present. We didn’t see any fully opened flowers, but they can’t be far off.

Grevillea vestita 4


Star-leaf Grevillea

Star leaf Grevillea 1

We were wandering through the botanical garden section of Kings Park recently and noticed this Star-leaf Grevillea (Grevillea asteriscosa). The small red flowers don’t look very impressive at a quick glance, but are worth a closer look.

Star leaf Grevillea 2

This plant is native to the southern wheatbelt area, several hundred kilometres inland from Perth. Its flowering season is reported to be May or Jul to Nov.

Star leaf Grevillea 3


Grevillea Vestita

Grevillea vestita 1

We were walking through the bushland of Kings Park in Perth recently, and noticed that Grevillea vestita is still in flower. Its reported flowering Season is Jan-Nov, and we actually saw it in late December. On the other hand, we also noticed that Grevillea vestita in Bold Park has no flowers at present, so its flowering season varies from place to place.

Grevillea Vestita 2


Grevillea Crithmifolia

Grevillea Crithmifolia 1

Grevillea Crithmifolia, which has no common name as far as we know, is in full bloom in many parts of Perth at present. We’ve seen it recently at Bold Park, Lake Claremont, Minim Cove and in many street-side native gardens. The flowers are very attractive to bees.

Grevillea Crithmifolia 2


Spider Net Grevillea

Spider Net Grevillea 4

You will find this red flowering grevillea in many patches of woodland and native gardens in Perth. It is called Spider Net Grevillea (Grevillea preisii).

Spider Net Grevillea 5

Its flowering season is winter and early spring, mainly from June to September.

Spider Net Grevillea 6