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Bold Park in November


As spring comes to an end, the peak wildflower season for Perth is definitely over. However there are still plenty of wildflowers to be found. Coastal Honeymyrtle (Melaleuca systena, above) still has its lemon-yellow flowers, and Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata, below) is also in flower.


There are tiny triggerplants flowering in the undergrowth, like this Fan-leaved Triggerplant (Stylidium striatum).


There is plenty of Marno (Daviesia divaricate) covered in small yellow/brown flowers with distinct yellow “eyebrows”.


Slender Banksia (Banksia attenuate, aka Candle Banksia) is in flower, and very popular with the bees.


And there also a few flowers on the Bull Banksia (Banksia grandis) with its deeply serated leaves.


You may also spot his pretty Sand-dune Fringed Lily (Thysanotus arenarius).




Tuart 1

You mightn’t notice it at a quick glance, but the Tuart trees (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) are flowering in Perth at present. These trees are quite tall and the flowers are often well above ground level, so they are easy to miss.

Tuart 2

The buds look like tiny green icecream cones with rounded caps, which fall off to reveal the creamy white flowers inside.

Tuart 3

The ground beneath the trees is typically covered in a layer of the flower caps.

Tuart 4


Illyarrie 1

You’ll see plenty of this striking eucalypt flowering in the streets of Perth at present. It is native to coastal areas north of Perth, around Geraldton, but has been planted in Perth and become naturalised here.

Illyarrie 2

It’s common name is Illyarrie, and botanical name Eucalyptus erythrocorys – where erythrocorys is Greek for “red helmet”.

Illyarrie 3

Fuchsia Gum

Fuchsia Gum 1

We stopped to admire this striking eucalypt growing beside a sports field in the western suburbs of Perth recently. It looks a bit like a decorated Christmas tree, but is actually a Fuchsia Gum (Eucalyptus forrestiana). These trees are native to the area around Esperance in the south of Western Australia, not to Perth. However you can see one growing in the botanic garden section of Kings Park.

Fuchsia Gum 2

Rock Mallee

Eucalyptus petrensis 1

We have noticed this straggly mallee flowering beside the walking trails in Bold Park on our last few visits.

Eucalyptus petrensis 2

It is Rock Mallee (Eucalyptus petrensis) and officially flowers “Jun to Jul or Oct”, so it is continuing to flower well beyond normal expectation. It grows near the West Australian coast, from about Jurien Bay to Mandurah, and can be recognised by the long spike in the centre of the fruit.

Eucalyptus petrensis 3