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Scarlet Runner

Scarlet Runner 1

We recently saw our first Scarlet Runner (Kennedia prostrate, also known as Running Postman) flower for the season in Kings Park. This plant can also be found in Bold Park (though not in flower yet), across the southwest of Western Australia, and all the other southern states. It flowers April-Nov.

Scarlet Runner 2


Sydney: Fuchsia Heath

Fuchsia Heath

We also stopped to admire this pretty Fuchsia Heath (Epacris longiflora) at the North Head during our recent visit to Sydney. We figured that it must have a long flowering season, since it was in flower on our previous visit to Sydney about five months ago. A quick online search confirmed this conclusion, giving the flowering season as “throughout year, less so in summer”. You can see one of its West Australian relatives on our blog here.

Solanum Symonii

Solanum Symonii 1

We recently noticed lots of this shrub growing in the bushland at Lake Joondalup, in Perth’s northern suburbs. It doesn’t look like much at a glance, but has delicate, semi transparent, mauve flowers.

Solanum Symonii 2

There are also plenty of these interesting globular fruit hanging from long stems. The plant is called Solanum symonii and grows along the coast of Western Australia from about Geraldton to the South Australian border, and onwards along the SA coast.

Solanum Symonii 3

Gymea Lily

Gymea Lily 1

We noticed this impressive Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa) flowering in Kings Park last weekend. The huge flower head is made up of many flowers, and stands atop a long stem about 6m above the ground. They are native to the New South Wales Central Coast, between about Newcastle and Wollongong. We also saw the Gymea Lily below about two months ago, growing wild in the Royal National Park in Sydney.

Gymea Lily 2