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Wild Violet

Wild Violet 1

We noticed these Wild Violets (Hybanthus calycinus) flowering in the bushland of Kings Park recently. They are a bit ahead of the game, since their official flowering season is “mainly Jul to Oct”. With their delicate mauve flowers, they make you feel that spring is in the air, even though it is still three months away. These native plants grow along the West Australian coast from about Geraldton to Augusta.

Wild Violet 2


Basket Bush

Basket Bush 3

The Basket Bush (Spyridium globulosum) in Perth is covered in tiny buds at present. Its reported flowering season is Jun-Nov, but we have mainly seen the open flowers in mid winter. This native plant grows along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Geraldton to Esperance. It is quite common in Perth and can be found in Bold Park (where these photos were taken), Kings Park and remnant bushland.

Basket Bush 4

Common Hovea

Common Hovea 1

While we were walking along the bushland trails in Kings Park recently, we spotted these purple flowers hiding in the undergrowth. They are Common Hovea (Hovea trisperma), which despite its common name, isn’t actually all that common in Perth.

You can also see it in Bold Park along the Hovea Trail, but it isn’t in flower there yet. The reported flowering season is May-Nov, but in our experience it has usually finished flowering well before the end of winter.

Common Hovea 2

Grevillea vestita

Grevillea vestita 5

In the previous blog entry, we mentioned that Grevillea vestita in Kings Park was in bud and should be flowering soon. Yesterday we went back for another look and found that the flowers are now fully open – in places, anyway. These ones are beside the walking path from the Pines carpark to the Bushland Nature Trail. The plant isn’t even in bud in other parts of Kings Park, or Bold Park either.

Grevillea vestita 6