About Us

We are a freelance writer/photographer team living in Perth, Western Australia. And we have a soft spot for the amazing wildflowers that grow here.

West Australians are proud of their status as “the Wildflower State”. But oddly, very few people bother to go out and look at them – even though you will find interesting flowers growing in many suburban bush parks and patches of remnant bushland.

We were like that until we lived interstate and overseas for a few decades and then returned to Perth. We were blown away by the wildflowers – never saw anything like them while we were in other places.

On this blog we will show you some of the flowers that we spot when we are out and about, mainly in greater Perth but occasionally further afield if we are travelling. We are wildflower enthusiasts, but not botanists. So if you spot a plant that you think we have identified incorrectly, feel free to tell us.

We also have a general travel blog called Somewhere Else and a literary travel blog called Books n Places.

Feel free to put some of our wildflower photos on your blog or pinup board, but include a link back to the post where you found them. And if you need a high resolution copy for a book or magazine article, send us an email at k3ith42@gmail.com

For more detailed information about West Australian plants, visit the Florabase website which is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. It gives details of size, distribution, flowering times and much more for each species.

Susan and Keith Hall


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Susan,
    Love the photos, was wondering if I could use this on an info panel, I would require a high resolution image of the Darwinia citriodora.

    Happy to credit you for it. If there is a charge applicable, please advise as I would have to let my client know.


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