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Grevillea crithmifolia

Grevillea crithmifolia 1

We also noticed that Grevillea crithmifolia is flowering here in Perth at present. We saw this one during a visit to Lake Claremont during the past week, but you will also find it growing in both Kings Park and Bold Park.

Grevillea crithmifolia 2


Two-leaf Hakea

Two leaf Hakea 1

Spring is still four weeks away, but there are already plenty of wildflowers in bloom here in Perth. Walking around Lake Claremont earlier this week, we noticed that Two-leaf Hakea (Hakea trifurcata) is nicely in flower.

Two leaf Hakea 2

You can easily see where this plant gets its common name – there are clearly two types of leaves – thin spiky ones and flattish ones that look like pea pods. Two-leaf Hakea can also be found in Kings Park and Bold Park.

Two leaf Hakea 3