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Yellow Buttercups

Yellow Buttercups 1a

There are heaps of colourful Yellow Buttercups (Hibbertia hypericoides) flowering in both Kings Park and Bold Park in Perth at present. They reportedly flower from April to December, so you’ll see them for some while yet.

Yellow Buttercups 2


Coastal Banded Greenhood

Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid 1

We noticed this orchid growing in the bushland of Kings Park yesterday. It looks very similar to the Banded Greenhood Orchid that we featured earlier this month – except that the flowers have a brown/maroon colour instead of being mainly green.

It is a Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid (Pterostylis sanguinea), which grows along the West Australian coast from about Geraldton to Albany. These orchids reportedly flower from June-Sept, though we have only seen them in the winter. They are not as common as the Banded Greenhood.

Coastal Banded Greenhood Orchid 2

Cockies Tongue

Cockies Tongue 1

With its bright red pea flowers, Cockies Tongue (Templetonia retusa) is one of the delights of the West Australian bush in winter. The official flowering season is April to November, but in our experience it mainly flowers in June-July.

Cockies Tongue 2

We saw these Cockies Tongue flowers a week ago in Manning Park, about 10km south of Fremantle in the city of Cockburn.

Cockies Tongue 3

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem 1

We recently spotted this colourful Star of Bethlehem (Calectasia narragara) flowering in Kings Park. The striking plant grows along the lower west coast of Western Australia, from about Geraldton to Cape Leeuwin, and flowers from about June to September. Pity it doesn’t flower at Christmas!

Star of Bethlehem 2

Yellow Tailflower

Yellow Tailflower 1

We noticed this Yellow Tailflower (Anthocercis littorea) blooming beside the Zamia Trail at Bold Park. Many of the plants seem to have died during the summer, but the ones that survived are covered in their striking flowers.

Yellow Tailflower 2

This native plant grows along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Carnarvon to Esperance. Its reported flowering season is “Jan to Dec (mainly Jun-Nov)”.

Yellow Tailflower 3

Parrot Bush

Parrot Bush 1

Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis) has a reported flowering season of April to November. There aren’t many flowers in evidence at present, but we did notice this plant with a few flowers at Bold Park recently.

Parrot Bush 2

Parrot Bush grows in the southwest corner of Western Australia, roughly from Geraldton to Albany.

Parrot Bush 3