Monthly Archives: April 2016

Large-flowered Bogrush

Large flowered Bogrush 4

We mentioned a few weeks back that Large-flowered Bogrush (Schoenus grandifloras) wasn’t quite in flower at that time. Now it is. We saw these flowers in Bold Park recently.

Large flowered Bogrush 5


Star-leaf Grevillea

Star leaf Grevillea 1

We were wandering through the botanical garden section of Kings Park recently and noticed this Star-leaf Grevillea (Grevillea asteriscosa). The small red flowers don’t look very impressive at a quick glance, but are worth a closer look.

Star leaf Grevillea 2

This plant is native to the southern wheatbelt area, several hundred kilometres inland from Perth. Its flowering season is reported to be May or Jul to Nov.

Star leaf Grevillea 3