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Zamia 1

Although it looks like a palm tree that has escaped from a suburban garden, the Zamia (Macrozamia riedlei) is actually a primitive cycad – a survivor from the age of the dinosaurs. At present the female plants in Bold Park have huge seed cones.

Zamia 2

But the cones on the male plants have done their thing and are now dead.

Zamia 3


Acorn Banksia

Acorn Banksia 1

Acorn Banksia (Banksia prionotes) is just starting to come into flower here in Perth, though its official flowering season is Feb-Aug.

Acorn Banksia 2

The flower buds have beautifully geometric patterns, which must fascinate mathematicians.

Acorn Banksia 3

Yellow Leschenaultia

Yellow Leschenaultia 2

Yellow Leschenaultia (Lechenaultia linarioides) is looking good in Bold Park at present, though some plants look like they are approaching the end of their flowering season – for now anyway. This sprawling, low growing shrub reportedly has a flowering season of Jan-Dec. It is a native plant that grows in sandy areas along the coast from Shark Bay to south of Perth, and is fairly common in Bold Park.

Yellow Leschenaultia 1