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Sand-dune Fringed Lily

Sand Dune Fringed Lily 1

We noticed this pretty Sand-dune Fringed Lily growing beside the Zamia Trail in Bold Park recently. It grows along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Geraldton to Albany, and flowers in May/October-December.

Sand Dune Fringed Lily 2


Coastal Honeymyrtle

Coastal Honeymyrtle 1

We saw plenty of Coastal Honeymyrtle (Melaleuca systena) beside the walking trails last time we visited Bold Park. It grows along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Shark Bay to Albany, and flowers through to December.

Coastal Honeymyrtle 2

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Flower 1

We noticed this Southern Cross flower (Xanthosia rotundifolia) growing in the botanical gardens at Kings Park recently. It is actually native to the south coast of Western Australia, and we have seen it growing wild in the Albany area.

Southern Cross Flower 2

The plant takes its name from the similarity between the flower heads and the Southern Cross constellation.

Southern Cross Flower 3


Peppermint 1

Peppermint trees (Agonis flexuosa) are very common in Perth and throughout the southwest of Western Australia. At present they are covered in masses of small white flowers.

Peppermint 2

As you might guess from their common name, Peppermint trees have an aromatic smell, vaguely reminiscent of Vicks Vaporub. Sometimes you can smell it emanating from the tree itself, and you can get a stronger dose by rubbing the leaves in your hand. Walkers in Perth commonly use leafy twigs from the tree to flick away pesky flies.

Peppermint 3

Tar Bush

Tarbush 1

Tar Bush (Eremophila glabra) appears to be at the peak of its flowering season at present, though this low shrub reportedly flowers for most of the year, from March to December. This year it seems to have even more flowers than usual. You can see this native plant in Kings Park, Bold Park, patches of bushland around Perth and also in many native gardens. The one shown here is on Buckland hill in Perth.

Tarbush 2