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Grey Cottonhead

Grey Cottonhead 1

In Bold Park there is a lot of this low growing plant with yellow flower heads. It is called Grey Cottonhead (Conostylis candicans). This native plant grows along the West Australian coast from about Shark Bay to Albany, especially on sand and limestone soil, and is also planted commonly in gardens in Perth. It flowers from July to November.

Grey Cottonhead 2


Golden Cluster Everlasting

Golden Cluster Everlasting

You may have noticed those yellow flowers among the Everlastings in the previous blog post. They aren’t weeds, they are Golden Cluster Everlastings (Rhodanthe humboldtiana). These spectacular daisies are native to the Gascoyne region of Western Australia and flower from July to November.


Everlasting Daisy 1

Yesterday we went to Kings Park, which is within eyesight of the Perth CBD. We normally walk along the bushland trails, spotting wildflowers in their natural setting, but this time we went to the botanic garden section to admire the massed display of wildflowers for the Kings Park Festival.

Everlasting Daisy 2

The most popular flowers at the festival are the spectacular Everlastings (Rhodanthe chlorocephala), which grow in scattered locations across the centre of Western Australia. Their common name comes from the fact that the flowers are very papery and will last for a long time if they are dried.

Everlasting Daisy