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Prickle Lily

Prickle Lily 4

Prickle Lily (Acanthocarpus preissii) has finished flowering for this year, since its official flowering season is April-May. However the yellow-green fruit, which are now very noticeable on this native plant, are almost as interesting as the flowers were.

Prickle Lily 5


Spider Net Grevillea

Spider Net Grevillea 4

You will find this red flowering grevillea in many patches of woodland and native gardens in Perth. It is called Spider Net Grevillea (Grevillea preisii).

Spider Net Grevillea 5

Its flowering season is winter and early spring, mainly from June to September.

Spider Net Grevillea 6

Native Wisteria

Native Wisteria 1

We noticed this Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana) flowering in Bold Park recently. It grows around the West Australian coast from about Gerladton to Albany, and you will find it growing in woodlands and native gardens in many parts of Perth. This leafy creeper has its distinctive purple flowers with green “eyes” from about July to October.

Native Wisteria 2