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Yellow Leschenaultia

Yellow Leschenaultia 7

Yellow Leschnaultia (Lechenaultia linarioides) doesn’t look like much at present – just sprawling stems, with a few weeds and dead leaves showing through. But just occasionally, you may spot a flower as well. We noticed this exquisite flower recently in the native garden at Minim Cove.

Yellow Leschenaultia 8


Cockies Tongue

Cockies Tongue 5

You can see Cockies Tongue (Templetonia retusa) flowers at many different stages of their life cycle at present – from the flame-like buds above, to the fully open flowers below.

Cockies Tongue 6

Some of the flowers are already dying.

Cockies Tongue 7

And some have even turned into heavily ribbed pea pods (below). These photos were all taken in the remnant bushland on Buckland Hill during the past week.

Cockies Tongue 8

Grevillea Crithmifolia

Grevillea crithmifolia 1

Grevillea crithmifolia in Bold Park looks to be all greenery with no flowers at present. However if you look more closely, you’ll find that these shrubs are covered in buds that will soon turn into flower heads.

Grevillea crithmifolia 2

In fact, some of the flowers are just starting to open. The official flowerings season is rather confusingly given as “Jun or Aug to Nov”.

Grevillea crithmifolia 3