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Firewood Banksia

Firewood Banksia 9a

If you go looking for Banksia flowers in Bold Park at present, you’ll find that the Slender Banksia has finished flowering and there are only a few flowers on the Acorn Banksia. But the Firewood Banksia (Banksia menziesii, shown here) still has plenty of flowers to admire. Its flowering season is Feb-Oct.

Firewood Banksia 9b


Sandplain Zamia

Zamia 5

We were walkin along the Zamia Trail in Bold Park a few days back, admiring the palm-like Sandplain Zamia (Macrozamia fraseri) plants, when we noticed that a few of them are in flower at present. The male and female Zamias both have cones. This one is a male.

Zamia 6

Pearl Flower

Pearl Flower 3

If you look carefully, you will find small Pearl Flower (Conostephium pendulum) bushes growing beside the walking trails in Bold Park. They don’t look very interesting at a quick glance, but are worth a closer inspection. They have these pretty teardrop shaped flowers, which are white with a cerise pink tip.

Pearl Flower 4