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Zamia 3

We always admire the palm-like Zamia plants (Macrozamia fraseri) in Bold Park. The spiky leaves of these primitive cycads were a defence against being eaten by dinosaurs. At present the cones on the female plants are splitting open to reveal the strikingly coloured orange-red seeds inside.

Zamia 4



Illyarrie 4

You can’t miss the striking red and yellow colours of the Illyarrie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys), which is in full bloom in Perth at present.

Illyarrie 5

This Eucalypt can grow in two different forms: as as a tallish tree, like the one above, or as a low, sprawling shrub (below). These two examples are growing just a few hundred metres apart, beside Stirling Highway in Mosman Park.

Illyarrie 6