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Zamia 3

We always admire the palm-like Zamia plants (Macrozamia fraseri) in Bold Park. The spiky leaves of these primitive cycads were a defence against being eaten by dinosaurs. At present the cones on the female plants are splitting open to reveal the strikingly coloured orange-red seeds inside.

Zamia 4


Tangle Daisy

Tangle Daisy 1

We have noticed this Tangle Daisy (Pithocarpa cordata) growing in both Kings Park and Bold Park recently. It is native to the West Australian Coast, from about Geraldton to Albany. Its flowering season is Oct-April, though these flowers appear to have died already – they are like a natural dried flower arrangement.

Tangle Daisy 2


Illyarrie 4

You can’t miss the striking red and yellow colours of the Illyarrie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys), which is in full bloom in Perth at present.

Illyarrie 5

This Eucalypt can grow in two different forms: as as a tallish tree, like the one above, or as a low, sprawling shrub (below). These two examples are growing just a few hundred metres apart, beside Stirling Highway in Mosman Park.

Illyarrie 6