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Rottnest Teatree

Rottnest Teatree 3

There are still plenty of flowers on the Rottnest Teatree (Melaleuca lanceolata), which grows fairly profusely in coastal parts of Perth – and in most other states of Australia as well.

Rottnest Teatree 4

These Melaleucas have a reported flowering season of January to September, so you may see them in flower through most of the year. The flower heads are popular with bees, so the whole tree seems to buzz.

Rottnest Teatree 5

The dead seed pods from previous years are also quite interesting. They are joined directly onto the branch stems, just as the flowers are.

Rottnest Teatree 6


Thick-leaved Fan-flower

Thick Leaved Fan Flower 1

It’s late summer in Perth – hot and dry; not the best time to be looking for wildflowers. But there are still some flowers in bloom at present. The Thick-leaved Fan-flower (Scaevola crassifolia), which we featured back in July last year, still has some pretty blue/mauve flowers.

According to field guides of West Australian wildflowers, this fairly common plant flowers from July to February. That certainly fits with our observations.

Thick Leaved Fan Flower 2


Zamia 1

We always like seeing the Zamias (Macrozamia riedlei) growing in Bold Park. They look so tropical and seem entirely out of place in the dry West Australian bush around Perth. But these primitive cycads are native to the southwest of the state, from about Perth to Albany. We noticed this Zamia recently and stopped to admire its huge seed cone.

Zamia 2

Dwarf Sheoak

Dwarf Sheoak 1

We stopped to look at the Dwarf Sheoak (Allocasuarina humilis) in Perth’s Bold Park recently and noticed that it is in flower at present, even though the reported flowering season is May to November. This small sheoak only grows to a height of 1-2m.

Dwarf Sheoak 2

There are separate female plants (above) with small red flowers, and male plants (below) with brown-orange flowers.

Dwarf Sheoak 3