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Coastal Wattle

Coastal Wattle 1

We featured Coastal Wattle (Acacia Cyclops) back in October, when it was just coming into flower. It is now at about its peak and has about as many flowers as you are likely to see through its longish flowering season (Sept to May). We saw this one growing on Buckland Hill in Mosman Park.

Coastal Wattle 2



Marri 1

We noticed this young Marri tree (Corymbia calophylla) in flower at Lake Claremont recently. You’ll find these trees in the southwest corner of Western Australia, from about Jurien Bay to Albany, including in Kings Park and Bold Park in Perth.

Marri 8

Acorn Banksia

Acorn Banksia 1

We noticed this Acorn Banksia (Banksia prionotes) flowering at Lake Claremont last week. It’s slightly ahead of the game, since the official flowering season is Feb-Aug. As you might have guessed, the plant takes its common name from the acorn shape of the large flower heads. It is fairly common in the southwest of Western Australia, in a band running from Carnarvon in the north, almost to the south coast.

Acorn Banksia 2


Peppermint 3

The Peppermint trees that we featured about 3 months back have finished flowering now. However the dead flowers have turned into these interestingly shaped seed pods. You will find these distinctive trees in many parts of Perth and through the southwest of Western Australia.

Peppermint 4


Tuart 1

Tuart trees (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) are fairly common in coastal areas of Western Australia from about Guilderton to Busselton, and you will them growing in both Kings Park and Bold Park in Perth.

The trees grow up to 40m in height and flower from Jan to April. We saw our first Tuart flower for this season a few days back at Minim Cove in Perth. The flower buds look amusingly like miniature green ice creams.

Tuart 2