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Bulrush 1

We recently noticed these bulrushes (Typha domingensis) growing on the south side of the Swan River in Alfred Cove Nature Reserve. That’s central Perth on the horizon. These bulrushes are native to Western Australia, and not to be confused with the ones in the story about baby Moses in the Bible – they are a different species (probably Cyperus papyrus).

Bulrush 2


Sand Bottlebrush

Sand Bottlebrush 1

We recently stopped to admire this Sand Bottlebrush (Beaufortia squarrosa), which is in the Northern Heathland section of the botanic gardens in Kings Park.

Sand Bottlebrush 2

It grows in sandplains, from Geraldton to Busselton and inland to parts of the wheatbelt.

Sand Bottlebrush 3


Mottlecah 1

When we are in Kings Park, we mainly look for wildflowers along the bush trails. But on our last visit, we went for a wander through the botanic garden, which has areas planted with flora from different parts of Western Australia.

The Mottlecah (Eucalyptus macrocarpa) was looking spectacular with its silvery grey leaves and large pink-red flowers. This sprawling mallee tree sometimes called Rose of the West, and is native to the area running from Geraldton thought the wheatbelt.

Mottlecah 2

Firewood Banksia

Firewood Banksia 3

Firewood Banksia (Banksia menziesii), which we featured back in July, has finished flowering now. However the new leaves are very pretty. And the new seed heads have very interesting shapes.

Firewood Banksia 4

But then again, the old seed pods from previous years (below) are very interesting too. We took these photographs while walking around in Bold Park recently.

Firewood Banksia 5