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Yellow Leschenaultia

Yellow Leschenaultia 3

We have been walking in Bold Park several times recently and noticed that the delicate Yellow Leschenaultia (Lechenaultia linarioides), which we featured about 6 weeks back, is still in flower. As you can see below, some of the flowers have a nasty surprise waiting for unwary insects.

Yellow Leschenaultia 4


Coastal Wattle

Coastal Wattle 1

We noticed this nondescript shrub growing at lake Joondalup recently. It is a wattle with sparse yellow flowers and plenty of green seed pods.

Coastal Wattle 2

You might wonder which wattle species it is, until you see the old seed pods. They have split open to reveal the black seeds, which are surrounded by a bright red ring. So this is obviously Coastal Wattle (Acacia Cyclops). It has many common names, but our favourite is Cyclops Wattle – after the one-eyed giant of Greek mythology. You will find it growing around the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Geraldton to Esperance, including in Bold Park and on Buckland Hill in Perth.

Coastal Wattle 3


Grasstree 4

Grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea preissii) are now in full bloom in Perth. These photos are of the same plant that we featured back on Sept 1, at Chidley Point Reserve in Perth. At that time the flowers hadn’t opened.

Grasstree 5

The tall flower spikes are covered in myriads of tiny flowers, and they are very popular with the bees. You will also find Grasstrees growing in many places around Perth, including Kings Park, nearby national parks, patches of bushland and even in some suburban gardens.

Grasstree 6

Chenille Honeymyrtle

Chenille Honeymyrtle 1

You will find this shrubby Melaleuca growing in many parts of Perth, including Kings Park, Bold Park, Minim Cove Park, Buckland Hill and Rocky Bay. It looks rather straggly and nondescript when it isn’t in flower; but it is quite spectacular with its pink/white blooms from Sept to Dec/Jan.

Chenille Honeymrtle 2

It is called Chenille Honeymyrtle (Melaleuca huegelii) and grows along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from about Carnarvon to Augusta. It is very popular with bees and the rather unimaginatively named Brown Flower Beetle (below).

Chenille Honeymyrtle 3