Two-leaf Hakea

Two-leaf Hakea 1

We noticed this Two-leaf Hakea (Hakea trifurcata) bush in full bloom on Buckland Hill in Mosman Park, Perth on the weekend. It had a very strong perfume and was buzzing with bees.

Two-leaf Hakea 2

And in case you are wondering about the odd name of this hakea, the photo below shows where the “two-leaf” description comes from. It was taken in March and shows that during the autumn, the plant has two distinctly different types of leaves – the spiky ones that stay all year round, and those flat leaves that are only just starting to form at present.

Two-leaf Hakea 3


2 thoughts on “Two-leaf Hakea

  1. Hi – I am writing an academic book on mimicry and other adaptive resemblances for Wiley – I would love to be able to include your lowermost photo of Hakea trifurcata in it. Could you please let me know if you would be willing to permit this? I am affraid Wiley won’t pay any royalties for images in academic books

    1. Hi Donald,

      As freelancers, we normally charge for our photos – unless they are for government/not-for-profit organisations. But we have worked with Wiley in the past and will make an exception this time. We will send the photo to you by email.

      Regards, Keith

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