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Patterson’s Fringed Lily

Pattersons Fringed Lily 1

The Blueboy wildflowers that we featured yesterday are sometimes used for support by climbing plants. In Bold Park yesterday we noticed this Patterson’s Fringed Lily (Thysanotus patersonii) climbing up a Blueboy. The pretty lily is a leafless perennial.

Pattersons Fringed Lily 2



Blueboy 4

About two weeks back we featured Blueboy (Stirlingia latifolia) and mentioned that their “flowers” were actually still buds at that time. Now the buds have opened and you can see the flowers. We photographed these ones in Bold Park, where there is a lot of Blueboy.

Blueboy 5


Quandong 1

You will find Quandongs (Santalum acuminatum) growing wild in many parts of Perth. This tree is part of a group growing in the remnant bushland beside the walking/cycling boardwalk overlooking the Swan River in Mosman Park.

Quandong 2

There are just a few fruit hanging from the trees. That’s a bit surprising, since the trees were covered in masses of flowers last summer (below).

Quandong 3

Acanthocarpus preissii

Acanthocarpus preissii 1

We noticed this low growing plant on Buckland Hill last week. Its botanical name is Acanthocarpus preissii, and it is sometimes called Prickle Lily – a rather appropriate name, since the leaves are very sharp. Those yellow balls are not flowers; they are the fruit.

Unfortunately, when we returned a few days later, we found that the plant had been sprayed with herbicide as part of the local weed maintenance programme. Some people can’t tell a native plant from a weed!

Acanthocarpus preissii 2