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Holly-leaf Tailflower

Holly Leaf Tailflower 1

We noticed these bright yellow flowers with striped throats while walking in Bold Park recently. They are Holly-leaf Tailflowers and grow on tall, spindly shrubs.

Holly Leaf Tailflower 2

There is a similar looking flower called the Yellow Tailflower. It has longer petals on the flowers, and the leaves don’t have the holly-like shape of the Holly-leaf Tailflower (below).

Holly Leaf Tailflower 3


Beach Spinifex

Beach Spinifex 1

We noticed this grassy plant growing on a sandy beach beside the Swan River in North Fremantle. It is called Beach Spinifex (Spinifex longifolius) and is common in sand dunes along much of the west coast of Western Australia. Those pompoms are flower heads, though not open at present.

Beach Spinifex 2

Sea Spinach

Sea Spinach 1

There is plenty of this crawling/trailing, fleshy-leafed plant growing along the West Australian coast. It’s called Sea Spinach and has tiny little yellow flowers at present.

Sea Spinach 2

It looks very much at home in the sand dunes, but actually originated in South Africa. Now it is thoroughly naturalised here.

Sea Spinach 3

Prickly Moses

Prickly Moses 1

It is still mid-winter here in Perth, but various wattle species are coming into flower. We saw this one at Minim Cove recently. It is called Prickly Moses (Acacia pulchella) and grows in the southwest of Western Australia from about Geraldton to Esperance.

Prickly Moses 2

The plant looks soft and fluffy, but takes its name from those thorny spines along the stems. You will soon notice them if you brush up against the plant as you walk past.

Prickly Moses 3

Thick-leaved Fan-flower

Thick Leaved Fan Flower

Thick-leaved Fan-flower (Scaevola crassiflora) is a fairly common wildflower in Perth – and along much of the West Australian coast, for that matter. At present it has lots of glossy green, fleshy leaves. But if you hunt around, you will find a few flower buds.

Thick Leaved Fan Flower

And if you are lucky, you may even find a few early flowers. These photos were taken at Minim Cove earlier this week.

Thick Leaved Fan Flower

Basket Bush

Basket Bush 1

Here is another flowering plant that we have seen in many places recently – at Yanchep, Bold Park, Kings Park and on Buckland Hill in Perth’s western suburbs, where these photos were taken. It is called Basket Bush (Spyridium globulosum) and grows on the West Australian coast from around Geraldton to past Esperance.

Basket Bush 2

From a distance, Basket Bush appears to be covered in white flowers. But on closer inspection most them turn out to be flower buds, which look like tiny cauliflowers (above). However, among all the buds you do occasionally find some open flowers.

Basket Bush 3

Harsh Hakea

Harsh Hakea 1

We have noticed Harsh Hakea frequently in our recent travels around Perth. It isn’t a very striking plant, since it often sprawls untidily across the ground, though is sometimes erect as shown above. It has very spiky leaves, but surprisingly pretty flowers, which are just coming into bloom at present.

Harsh Hakea 2

The fruit is also rather spiky looking.

Harsh Hakea 3

The fruit eventually dries out into hard seed pods. These photos were all taken on Buckland Hill in the past few days.

Harsh Hakes 4