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One-sided Bottlebrush

One-sided Bottlebrush 1

On the weekend we noticed that there are not many flowers on the One-sided Bottlebrush in Perth at present. We saw this one beside the Swan River in Minim Cove. However if you look closely, you may find a well-disguised cocoon on some plants. This one is covered with leaves and looks almost like part of the plant.

One sided Bottlebrush 2


Cockies Tongue

Cockies Tongue

We spotted these striking red flowers yesterday in the Rocky Bay area, north of Fremantle near the Swan River. They are called Cockies Tongue for fairly obvious reasons, and are found around the West Australian coast from about Carnarvon to the South Australian border.

We have seen Cockies Tongue in quite a few parts of Perth recently, including Buckland Hill, Kings Park, Bold Park and Yanchep. They aren’t quite as profuse as they were last year … yet, anyway. They certainly add some bright colour to the bush in winter.

Cockies Tongue 2

Prehistoric Zamia

Sandplain Zamia

While we were in Bold Park two days back, we also stopped for a closer look at the Sandplain Zamia plants. They look rather like palms, but are actually cycads whose ancestors lived among the dinosaurs. That’s why they had such sharp leaves – to discourage dinosaurs from eating them. At present some of the Zamias, both male and female, have reproductive cones.

Zamia cones

In the autumn, the female cones will release a mass of bright orange-red seeds. We took this photo of such a cone last March in Bold Park, Perth.

Zamia Seeds

Not So Common Hovea

Common Hovea 1

We noticed this Common Hovea in flower in the bushland of Bold Park, Perth yesterday – along the Hovea Walk, in fact. There were only a few plants in flower, but we saw a lot of Hovea while walking in Kings Park a week back. It was a sunny day (despite being winter here), which showed up the purplish tinge in the flowers nicely.

Common Hovea 2

Actually the flowers aren’t always blue/purple. A few plants have white flowers.

Common Hovea White